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Skills for a New Economy

Creating new solutions for workplace success by visualizing the skills, capabilities and knowledge needed to thrive in a changing economy.

The Challenges Ahead

Automation, artificial intelligence, global competition and an evolving workplace are all factors changing the way of work. The success of any organization relies on having a competitive workforce. The challenge is connecting the needs of employers, educational institutions, and current and future workers to drive success in a new economy.

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of executives say their company is not prepared to address the skills gap.

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Working Together Toward a Solution

Bridging the gaps among industry leaders, educational institutions, and individuals to identify and meet the needs of a rapidly transforming workplace.

Make skills-focused hiring decisions

Educational Institutions
Improve curriculum and programs with better data

Show you’re ready for career success in a changing economy

Learning Center

Our work is based on decades of research in advancing equity and helping education and workplace communities make informed decisions about people and programs. To learn more, browse our library of resources.

Hiring and Skills

The intersection of skills and recruitment. Explore

School to Work

Learning, skills development and the future of work. Explore


Developing the skills for the jobs of tomorrow. Explore

Skills for a New Economy Report

Learn how ETS research and assessment is designing solutions aligned for success in a new economy.
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Listening. Learning. Collaborating.

Meeting the needs of a new economy requires that we work collaboratively today. Please sign up to stay informed about SNE.

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